Monday, 11 March 2013

Sweet Amber, the lifesaver.

H&M perfume, rose & pearls necklace by Eimear, green bracelet by Bridgeen
This little buddy has saved my life so many times, if you´ve had a chance to sneak into my handbag (one of my cousins used to do that all the time) you will always find a pocket perfume between my stuff, it is one of the basics on my everyday check list simply because I like to smell nice at any time and I know so many of you will agree with me on this one. 

I usually have three different perfumes, the everyday fragrance, le parfum for special occasions and the life saver, which at the moment is this sweet amberish fragrance. I got it  last Christmas on H&M as a last minute shop cause I had ran out of my daily perfume and I needed to get so many things sorted for those festive days. 

To be completely honest I didn´t expect it to be as effective as it actually is; long lasting scent and at a ridiculously affordable price! I call it the life saver cause its doing both jobs at the moment, an everyday-pocket fragrance.

The blog has more than 100 views now and this makes me super happy. Thanks to all those readers, I hope I can get to know you all by leaving a comment, I truly appreciate the time you take to read me!

While writing, I was listening to this.

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