Friday, 22 March 2013

Sick Bunny

Today´s outfit was all about keeping me warm and pampered, this because every time flu decides to visit, it takes over me for a couple of days but I guess this happens to pretty much everyone. Nothing better than a cozy jumper, baggy leggings and a big coat for this occasion.

And when this happenes there´s nothing better than staying home but if you, like me, can´t enjoy that privilege, well, the only option left is to wrap up, cheer up and let the day go until you get back home.

Flu stinks, thats a fact, but if you see the positive side, it is the best excuse to cuddle on a sofa, watch a movie or a series marathon while sippping up a cup of sup or tea... with a snow forecast for this weekend, I´ll have to stick to this plan to be fully recovered by the start of next week.

Outfit details:
Jumper, Atmosphere
Baggy leggings, similar here.
Vans paityn creepers

While writing I was listening to this.

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