Sunday, 17 March 2013

My St. Patrick´s day on Ireland

As the entire Emerald Isle celebrates St. Patricks day I preferred to stay in and enjoy a nice cup of tea and some biscuits,17th of March has become a world wide celebrated date. I remember, a couple of years ago, when I used to wear green & gold or go out with my so supportive friends and have a beer in commemoration of this day, people looked at me strangely cause in Mexico, this wasn´t a very important Holiday and it has surprised me to see so many contacts talking about this celebration, at the end this another example of our globalised world.

It´s pretty crazy to be here, this is my first St. Patricks day living here and it was cool, I was looking forward to see the parade, although being honest, I thought it was going to be bigger. Even so, any street parade is inevitably amusing; people celebrating, spreading smiles and happiness, the surprised faces of children, music, dance, colours, the singularity of a community reflected in all these things is beautiful.

As it is well known, this Irish celebration doesn't stop here, people drink and keep celebrating on the streets, bars and houses on their very own way which is very enthusiastic! I, on the other hand, have always been a quiet girl, proclaimed fan of a nice cup of coffee on a café, a cinema night or a good chat on a calmed bar. But thats just me!

Happy St. Patricks day to all of you!

While wiriting, I was listening to this.

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