Saturday, 30 March 2013

The joys of the countryside!

It´s been a couple of days since my last outfit update, a busy week just finished and I am finally geting some rest after cold days outside on shoot. So, today we have a dry & bright day which is perfect to go outside and another good thing is that Im up in the countryside, away from the city and with the joys of beautiful green landscapes and a cup of hot chocolate.

This morning we went for a short walk around the road and it is so nice to see how the green is coming back on each spot on the fields, more flowers begin to grow and even though the wind is still cold, the sun is showing up more and more. I really can´t wait for the days where a coat isn´t necessary although if you live here, you know weather can´t never be trusted. I had planned to bring my wellies but I forgot about them so I borrowed this cute pair on pink and polka dots which actually look well with the rest of my outfit!

Outfit details:
Topshop cardigan
H&M dress
Borrowed cute wellies, similar here
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Friday, 22 March 2013

Sick Bunny

Today´s outfit was all about keeping me warm and pampered, this because every time flu decides to visit, it takes over me for a couple of days but I guess this happens to pretty much everyone. Nothing better than a cozy jumper, baggy leggings and a big coat for this occasion.

And when this happenes there´s nothing better than staying home but if you, like me, can´t enjoy that privilege, well, the only option left is to wrap up, cheer up and let the day go until you get back home.

Flu stinks, thats a fact, but if you see the positive side, it is the best excuse to cuddle on a sofa, watch a movie or a series marathon while sippping up a cup of sup or tea... with a snow forecast for this weekend, I´ll have to stick to this plan to be fully recovered by the start of next week.

Outfit details:
Jumper, Atmosphere
Baggy leggings, similar here.
Vans paityn creepers

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Is Spring coming?

Is Spring coming to Ireland this year? I´ve been asking myself this question for the last couple of days. 

 Every time I see some other pictures of people enjoying the first signs of Spring and wearing spring clothes I get a bit jealous but I guess my time to  do the same will come anytime soon. I hope so!

Meanwhile I´ll have to wrap up cause unfortunately I got the flu and I can´t miss any day of my course. I really am looking forward to the weekend and have Saturday morning to treat myself and recover. 

Outfit details:
Bamboo scarf
Atmosphere blouse
Peacocks  Coat
Shasa jeans
Padus shoes

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

My St. Patrick´s day on Ireland

As the entire Emerald Isle celebrates St. Patricks day I preferred to stay in and enjoy a nice cup of tea and some biscuits,17th of March has become a world wide celebrated date. I remember, a couple of years ago, when I used to wear green & gold or go out with my so supportive friends and have a beer in commemoration of this day, people looked at me strangely cause in Mexico, this wasn´t a very important Holiday and it has surprised me to see so many contacts talking about this celebration, at the end this another example of our globalised world.

It´s pretty crazy to be here, this is my first St. Patricks day living here and it was cool, I was looking forward to see the parade, although being honest, I thought it was going to be bigger. Even so, any street parade is inevitably amusing; people celebrating, spreading smiles and happiness, the surprised faces of children, music, dance, colours, the singularity of a community reflected in all these things is beautiful.

As it is well known, this Irish celebration doesn't stop here, people drink and keep celebrating on the streets, bars and houses on their very own way which is very enthusiastic! I, on the other hand, have always been a quiet girl, proclaimed fan of a nice cup of coffee on a cafĂ©, a cinema night or a good chat on a calmed bar. But thats just me!

Happy St. Patricks day to all of you!

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Vintage blues.

The weather is getting better here, although at the end of the day is Ireland and you just can´t trust the forecast, this day was the perfect example. Just 30 minutes before taking this pictures there was not hint of the sun, the sky was full with clouds and rain was falling thick & heavy. I like to think of weather as a fickle child who goes from happy to upset unexpectedly.

But let´s change the topic and talk fashion, today I wore 50/50; this beautiful golden top, despite the grannie-like look it goes well with jeans, trousers or even shorts, I just love it. Also, I decided to wear my favourite vintage piece of all time. 

Vintage top, River Island purse, Ray Ban shades.

This leather boots, let me tell you the story behind them, they were acquired by my mom about 30 years ago and I completely fell in love with them when I found them on her wardrobe, I knew they would be mine, obviously, why would my mom not give them to me, her daughter? hehe. They´ve been in Mexico, France and here, they were fashionable in the 80´s and they are stylish now a days and the reason I previously said "decided" to wear them is because I don´t want them to get damaged they are my very own fashion collectible.

Vintage leather boots

Happy weekend everyone!

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Sweet Amber, the lifesaver.

H&M perfume, rose & pearls necklace by Eimear, green bracelet by Bridgeen
This little buddy has saved my life so many times, if you´ve had a chance to sneak into my handbag (one of my cousins used to do that all the time) you will always find a pocket perfume between my stuff, it is one of the basics on my everyday check list simply because I like to smell nice at any time and I know so many of you will agree with me on this one. 

I usually have three different perfumes, the everyday fragrance, le parfum for special occasions and the life saver, which at the moment is this sweet amberish fragrance. I got it  last Christmas on H&M as a last minute shop cause I had ran out of my daily perfume and I needed to get so many things sorted for those festive days. 

To be completely honest I didn´t expect it to be as effective as it actually is; long lasting scent and at a ridiculously affordable price! I call it the life saver cause its doing both jobs at the moment, an everyday-pocket fragrance.

The blog has more than 100 views now and this makes me super happy. Thanks to all those readers, I hope I can get to know you all by leaving a comment, I truly appreciate the time you take to read me!

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