Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy 2014!

I want to wish each of you a Happy New Year!
Thanks for supporting me throughout the year with your likes & comments, 
they all mean a lot to me.

For a wonderful 2014! :D

Thursday, 12 December 2013

My new hair!

After an unintentional mini break, the posts are back on the blog, I know you missed them and well, they are back to normal! ;)

I´ve been doing Christmas shopping as you might noticed if you are part of the Facebook & Twitter community, reading like crazy and sorting things around. Also, I had my hair done finally, it isn´t a dramatic change like I thought it was going to be but it is so much short comparing it to the super long hair I use to have. It was time for a change!

How are you getting on with the Pre-Holidays madness? Have you got into the Christmas spirit? Would love to hear more from you all!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My favourites from November

Another month goes by and 2013 is almost over but the best from November will remain in our wardrobes or at least, in our sartorial cravings list

These five pieces are by far, my favourites from the Daily Style section that, over the last 30 days had a lot of green, red, tartan, knitwear of all kinds (furry jumpers, there are loads of furry jumpers out there). 

Which were your favourites from this month?

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Shopper Bag...

I´ve been intending to show you my new bag (which Im loving) for a while but a few other posts got on the way. My old shopper bag got broken and I was in the real urge to get a new bag. Besides the other few bags that I have, a big bag has a very important function in my life once I leave the apartment.

My handbag collection is formed by two groups, a wide group of small bags of different colours, patterns, textures etc. And the second group is conformed by one or two big bags that will keep me company every time I go out to the streets, college and else. Unfortunately the first group barely sees the sunlight due to their reduced size… they are more likely to be with me at any night event. I know clutches are perfect for those occasions and trust me, I´ve tried to get myself to use them but I feel strange not to bring the basic stuff I would carry usually (pretty much a lot of things)…

A good shopper bag is the one that can carry all the bunch of what-nots that a woman like me must have at any time, it has to be big enough to at least, have my camera, a notebook and my wallet…  oh! and my make up bag too!…  This bag from H&M has it all.

Whether is for this season´s shopping or for practical functionality like mine, what does your perfect shopper bag looks like?


Friday, 22 November 2013

Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow Duo by Topshop

Eye shadows. The sparkly, colourful, chameleonic and wide ranging world of eye shadows can be overwhelming sometimes. Right? And it only gets bigger and bigger!… probably growing along with the expandable range of Pantone hues. Some make up geeks will remember the 2012 collaboration between Sephora & Pantone… can it get bigger than that?! Unless you are a make up pro, a model or have a huuuge passion for this art (it is definitely an art form) you probably haven´t used more than 10 different shades, think a bout it and tell me, are you familiar with at least a dozen of these shadows? 

Ok, we might have to take it a bit slower, let´s start by inspecting our eye make up collection. Take a look; from all of them, which are the most used? and which haven´t even been touched? Being honest, I was a bit surprised by this paletted  revelation, I mean, as a member of the olive complexion team, I know warm tones are always a wise option. But I was unfamiliar with the usage of my make up, until I ran out of my two top-pick colours. That day, when I was conducting my morning routine (I eat breakfast while checking my emails while getting ready to leave the house, but that is another story), the unexpectable happened; after digging and digging again I just could´t get any descent amount of powder from my dearest golden shade. How didn´t I noticed this incident? and another question in mind was, which was going to be my next eye shadow?

The search was not as extensive as I thought, I have heard & read too many wonderful things about Topshop´s make up range that I had to give it a try, plus their eye shadow duos have been flirting with me for quite a while. 

My purchase ended up being even better than my old shadows; a very smooth, velvety finish that feels and looks very light but the pigment on this little friend is incredibly good! As a non-expert in this area, it took me years of understanding the rules on make up and even now, I try to stay in known territory when applying make up. This is why a went for a very similar tone.

Let me know your finds after doing the eye make-up inspection and also, which are your favourite shades?

Sending you all a big hug and also, don´t forget to subscribe to the blog via Bloglovin or by adding it to your Blogger reading list. Have a great weekend! :)


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter Survival Wardrobe

Find each piece at my Sartorial Cravings board on Pinterest.

Fashion seasons and weather seasons have been in dispute forever, at least in my life they seem to be. While living in Mexico, neither Autumn or Winter wanted to make a solid appearance it seemed, and they didn´t feel like owning the place for their full term they are meant to last. One day I would leave the house wrapped up in a cozy jumper and a pair of boots and by the afternoon I would be carrying the jumper and seriously thinking of ditching the boots too. Due to these circumstances, I really never had a winter survival wardrobe simply because I didn´t need one but it all changed when I moved up to the north of Ireland.

A year ago, I wasn´t very wise enough to know how much my wardrobe needed to change for the cold upcoming months. When the time to do some shopping arrived, I purchased lovely looking jumpers, a pair of wintery looking boots and a cute blazer coat. Not  too bad as it sounds but, when November and its "mild" weather showed up, I was shivering and almost could´t move… so when I was outside, on those long days filming with my classmates, standing for hours (we had tea breaks too and they where glorious) holding a microphone or checking up on the camera were difficult tasks for my frozen hands.. you can almost imagine how I looked… and the worst, this was only the mild cold but it was hell for me or maybe not hell, we could better describe it as Narnia under the White Witch´s reign. How could I possibly survived those months? Buying more clothes you might answer and yes I did buy a few more chunky practical pieces but in the real world a girl can´t buy the entire section of jumpers on Topshop, or can she?…

So here I am again, November and I am prepared, warmed up & not scared of what will come in the next few months. I do have to say, the human body amuses me. Our bodies learn and never forget (if it could only be the same emotionally). I can surely say, physically I feel more adapt to the cold, I mean, it´s November right now and I can leave the apartment with a thin jumper, a pair of flats and a coat without freezing! But, even though my body has strengthened against the low temperatures, I have prepared myself with the right things to wear when the streets turn into ice. And a pair of UGG´s is definitely not on my list this year (meaning no offence at all).

From what I´ve learned, a good Winter survival wardrobe consists on what ever makes you feel comfortable and suits your own style obviously, but most importantly we need to learn how to layer up including style and comfort and the best thing is, we have so many options to wear every year and that is fantastic but always be wise on what you wear according to were you are. While I was writing this post, I asked some of my friends from different parts of the world to tell me how do their wardrobe varies as the coldest season of the year arrives.

Cezi, Ags, Mexico. (Winter low, -1 C)
My wardrobe doesn´t have a radical change when winter comes.  I forget about sleeveless shirts, summery flats, shorts & skirts for a while as jackets, blazers, boots and jeans are welcome into my everyday routine.Something that never misses place in my wardrobe wether is Spring, Summer or Winter are my Converse. On these cold days, my ideal outfit consists of jeans, a dark blouse with 3/4 sleeves, a very cozy blazer, scarf, a cute hat and of course, my Converse. I do try to leave the heels for special occasions only… I just couldn´t survive winter without my Converse!

Galia, Florida, US. (Winter low, 4 C)
How much does your wardrobe changes from summer to winter?
Not much since I live in Florida.

What is a must on your winter wardrobe?
A jacket and closed shoes!

What does your perfect outfit consists of on a cold day?
Boots, jeans. Long sleeved shirt, my green scarf, and my leather jacket.. Oh and a headband.. The thick ones that are super cute.

Joanna, Derry, Ireland. (Winter low, -7 C)
My winter wardrobe gets a lot heavier. Comfort and warmth take priority over fashion to be honest. Knitwear is a must for me , I love wool jumpers. My perfect outfit would be a cream knit jumper, leather coat with fur collar and skinny jeans with winter converse or boots.

After learning by experience, I can say my wardrobe changes a lot too. Although my adored jeans stay through the seasons, I do include jumpers and cardigans on my outfits and this year I am trying to add a little bit of colour (don´t forget I am devoted to sober hues). Boots are a must every year and now that the biker boots are back I could´t resist to get myself a pair… oh and they are incredibly good to walk through heavy rain and hopefully they join me on a walk through the snow… if it snows this year.

Do any of these girls share similar ideas when it comes to staying warm during Winter? and also, which is your ideal outfit for the season?

PS: Thank you to Galia, Joanna and Cezi for sharing their Winter Wardobes with us!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sometimes… simple works better!

I like to think face moisturisers are a very delicate topic to talk about. When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and flawless it takes more than just reading which product is the most popular or asking what other friends use… I mean, yeah, it is of great help to have a few options but even if the pretty packaging swears its content was designed for your skin, your skin itself may not think the same.

So today, when I ran out of my favourite moisturiser I thought "maybe it is time to buy a different one for a change!" and I went searching on what was good for me and then… there I was, a full aisle for facial care with all these pretty looking bottles and containers, until I reached the place I was looking for, the face creams stand!

My adventure didn´t take too long, well, maybe twenty minutes reading, comparing brands and there it was, my cheap, simple Nivea Cream, almost staring at me (I know, this sounds a bit crazy) while I kept looking at all this stuff and then I said to myself & to my friend who kindly waited for me with patience… "I might just stick to what I know for now"… and grabbed my blue, simple moisturiser that I´ve been using for years. Where did the adventurous spirit go?!

I just had to write about this, I have bought different things from what I usually wear or use,  just to have a change but I was not able to change my moisturiser, a simple, almost invisible moisturiser.

Sometimes simple works better for me, I hesitated on betraying my skin care routine by acquiring something new, simply because I tried so many other products until I realised the answer for a happy skin was always there, in the cabinet on my parents bathroom, as strange and boring it might sound, there it was and it has been my loyal friend so why would I replace it?

If given the choice, would you change your trusted moisturiser for a brand new promising one? Or would you stick to what you know and keep things simple?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My new favourite everyday earrings...

We have perfume for special occasions, we have perfume for everyday life and I think many of you also apply the same rule when it comes to jewellery. 

Ok, you can tell me if I am wrong on this, but its a fact that every girl has  jewellery which is designated to have a heavy duty; to join her everyday at work, school, the office, shopping, all most everywhere... and as if the previous tasks weren't enough, their practical life has the always existing possibility that one day they might end up getting lost but there is nothing to worry about, they were assigned to be heavy duty tools so we barely have any sentimental attachments to them. 

Even if this jewellery goes everywhere with us it doesn´t mean it isn't as special and pretty as the statement pieces  we keep  for those moments when looking amazing is a must. So whenever we loose them we forget about the "no sentimental attachments" rule and we get a bit upset because "they were my favourites!".

Well, I have tons of those "everyday" earrings, or at least I had because for some reason, (mostly my fault), I loose one or the pair... so this time, when I went to get more earrings I had to seriously made a promise to myself and try to take care of this new earrings. I mean, at some point I will have to upgrade my earrings collection, right?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Embracing the Halloween spirit?

I am embracing the Halloween spirit this year, by this I mean,  I will dress up, as it is super popular in this part of the world. Usually in my home city we have the "Dia de los muertos" (day of the day) which has some Halloween elements but is originally more about the mexican folklore on sugar skulls, perforated paper with images of the Catrina, parades and well, although there are loads of Halloween themed parties too, I wasn´t really into this until I came here.

But to be honest, I haven´t decided on a costume yet and I really don´t have any clue on what to do except for one thing; I want my nails to look cute and orange, probably something cooler than just plain orange. I found this super orange nail polish by Collection 2000 and it seems to have a really consistent formula as I only needed one layer to have a fairly strong orate tone on my nails. So if you are thinking about revamping your nails for Halloween and orange is on your mind, here´s a good nail polish to look for!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Paris Nostalgia

I went through a pile of pictures not that long ago and  found some from a trip I did almost three years ago (I am not very good with dates sometimes) with my friend Eduardo. I felt so excited & nostalgic at the same time looking at all those pictures (not very proud of the quality but hey, they were taking with my phone!).

I can´t believe its been so long since I visited Paris for the first time, such a beautiful city with all those magnificent buildings, delightful food and its streets full of style!

I cannot wait until the next chance I get to be there again and having loads of fun (and pretty pictures) with my DSLR.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Favourites

September Favourites

T-shirt Karl Lagerfeld / Vintage Flower Cardigan Afra / Lace up booties Boutique 9 / Shoulder Bag Orla Kiely  Half Moon Glasses Le Specs / Narrow Jeans Cheap Monday

I cannot believe how fast this year has past. One day you wake up, flowers are blooming and the next day, the leaves start falling from the trees! I might be overreacting a little bit but you get the point. Autumn is here already and September has come to its end which only means its time for me to choose my favourites (and start thinking on a good birthday present for my mom).

For this post I came up with a very chilled, effortless outfit. One of those that you would wear on an off-duty day, to go to the cinema or for a cup of coffee perhaps. You might have noticed by now, this outfits are my favourites. Definitely!

You may have seen some of these pieces all through the month on the Loving It section and I will take a guess, maybe any of them is your favourite too (no one can resist those amazing camel booties or the stylish Lagerfeld cat). If you can´t see any of your favourites on the picture above, well let me know on a comment below which were your favourites this month.

Check out more sets and more items on my Polyvore profile.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

A day for beautiful dreams..

Preferably read along with: Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day 

Once again, like any other year I had the fortune to wake up on the 18th & let the day take care of itself, because its my birthday!

Just a few days before I was facing the tricky thoughts a human mind can process, realising that I was no longer that teenager who claimed to be carefree but was always overly concerned about things that had an easy solution. Although I am not that far away from my teenage days, its amusing  to think that I am not that far from the quarter of my life either. 

My twenties have been so far, full of changes, new people, new experiences and a bunch of exiting things had happened too. I can gladly say that I´ve accomplished a good bunch of goals I have and it all keeps coming together, slowly but surely! 

I really enjoyed myself this year, its always hard not to be close to my great friends and family in Mexico but I had a wonderful day with the my other half and thrill be joined by a nice company.

And also, I was spoilt with my some of favourite things in life; cupcakes, a good coffee and a bit of sunshine. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Make Up Academy 2013 New Blusher Shades

Another MUA product worth giving a try, this blusher is part of the Make Up Academy´s new blusher shades. It blends really well along with your foundation which makes your pretty cheeks look naturally blushed and it stays flawless for about half a day. As you can see, it comes on a very practical yet stylish simple container!

This line of blushers has four different shades to choose from, each of them have really sweet names that perfectly describe the warmth of each tone; the one on the pictures above is called Cupcake and the rest are Candyfloss  Lolly and Marshmallow.

You can visit MUA´s online shop here or you can find this cute blusher here too.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

MUA´s Hide & Conceal

I always try to keep it natural when it comes to make up but I do think that using a concealer as part of your routine is a must, simply because it gives a fresh look to your eyes. So after my satisfying experience trying out MUA´s nail polish I though I should give it a go with other products of the same brand, that and also I ran out of concealer so I needed to buy more.

This one is part of the  £1 range and it comes as a stick, which I think is more practical and easer to use. It blends quite well with your skin, I applied it with my finger tips because it warms up and blends so much better and it does make your eyes look fresh and it adds a natural glow. You also have to apply a generous amount to have better coverage but it is a good product in general.

The stick on the pictures is in a Natural tone but theres also too more tones you can choose from, Almond & Fair. You can find them here.

Friday, 6 September 2013

MUA Nail Polish

I was introduced to this brand thanks to an amazing beauty blog that I recently started reading and honestly, I didn´t have very high expectations due to how economic their range is (£1 only). It turns out, the formula on MUA nail polishes is good, it only took 2 coats to have a uniform, shinny result, it doesn´t feel watery as some lacquer of the same price usually are and it dries very quick, 10-15 minutes only. 

All their £1 range products have a nice presentation too (for the ones who are obsessed with pretty packaging) and they just look like any other beauty professional brand. Ideal if you are trying to make the best of your beauty budget.

You can find the Stormy Skies shade here and more shades in this link too.

Friday, 30 August 2013

August Favourites

August Favourites

Mango long sleeve sweatshirt / Topshop high waisted jeans  / H&M pointed toe high heel shoes / Vegan leather purse

I went for a monochrome outfit to sume up all the style finds from August. Adding a delicate touch of colour with the floral pattern on a sweatshirt and also I think this combo is perfect for those who want to achieve an elegant, effortless style.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Last flash of summer

♫ Listen to: I got to let go by Killy Cakes 

Vintage Sweater, H&M dress, Primark Shoes

While the summer starts to vanish I keep enjoying the spontaneous sunny days. Autumn is usually my favourite season but after spending a year away from the mexican sunshine I kind of like summer or any sunny day in general. Although, I am really looking forward to the melancholic yet romantic colours of this season.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Facial Treat

I must confess, I have a very simple skin care regimen but from time to time it is nice and necessary to give my face a treat. This warming mineral mask by the Body Shop is very gentle but effective at the same time. Its consistence is creamy and slightly sandy and the good part of it is that once its on your skin it warms up make makes your skin have a silky-mositure sensation. The results after rinsing it of are very flattering; it leaves your face radiant, spotless & ultra soft. 

Warming Mineral Mask by The Body Shop.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cashmere Skin

I´ve always been fond of Nivea products, maybe because my mom taught her skin care routine and she uses this brand products all the time. Since I moved back from Mexico I´ve tried different shower gels and even changed from the one that I always use but none had left my skin as soft and moisturised as this shower cream. It really leaves your skin feeling as soft and terse as cashmere for hours! It is a fantastic product, great value for money.

I don´t even have to link this product because you can find it pretty much everywhere!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Dream Matte Mousse

 Listen to: Washed out - It all feels right

Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline is perhaps the most amazing foundation I´ve ever tried, so amazing I could swear by it. I like taking risks but when it comes to make up basics I always prefer to stick to what I know and this is the case. This foundation is very smooth like a powder foundation but it also has a rich complexion, idea for skins with a mixed complexion.

The shade I use, as you can see is 030 Sand but you can also take a look at its wide range of tones here.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Today´s outfit.

It is incredibly warm here but I decided to go for a black outfit and my new golden canvas. Hope you all have a good day!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer Picnic

Vintage shirt, skate skirt ASOSAtmosphere  flats.

Yesterday me & Shane went out for a picnic and we found the most quiet and amazing spot to enjoy the lovely weather. We enjoy the company of people, but a picnic for two is definately the best moment to relax, catch up with the reading and grab some sunlight.

I opted for a slightly preppy outfit this time, I found this shirt recently on a vintage hunt and I am loving it as well as my new skate skirt. Today I picked a great summery song by Briggite Bardot, I´ve been listening to her song quite a lot these days after listening to one of her collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg on a Mad Men episode.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Summer postcards

Today was such a lovely day here, the day has been brighten by the sun and finally, everyone has a good reason to get away from the layered outfits. It is clear now that Spring simply just skipped Ireland and Summer has decided to land. 

For the last couple of days I´ve tried to adopt the habit of walking for one hour a day and I actually enjoy doing it. In the past years I´ve tried to adopt a fitness routine without success due to the lac of commitment, I usually get bored of doing the same exercises over and over again, but it seems that I finally found the best way to do some exercise. Walking through a pad way near the river can be the most relaxing moment and also quite inspiring as I found this nice spot to take pictures and I thought today could be the perfect day to take some snaps and post some summer photos for you!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Specs

Liste to: The Love Language - Calm Down

After a long time without glasses, I finally got myself a new pair. I´ve always been really careful with every pair that I get but unfortunately and for strange reasons, non has lasted me longer than one year. Maybe there might be some kind of spell that makes me loose them, break them or forget them somewhere after one year has passed since I got them and the last pair had the river Foyle as a final destination.

So after a long wait, this week I purchased this lovely pair! Slightly rounded with tortoise-shell patterned frames, a very similar model to the ones Jess from New Girl wears, I just fell in love with that type of glasses and I made sure to get mine. I am quite happy with my choice but there is one thing I regret about not getting them on an earlier stage, although my graduation seems to be the same, getting used to them again is just like the first time a wore glasses for the first time, everything looks so sharp! haha

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It´s a wrap!

This past weeks have been mad, running around filming and planning, carring gear all day long and coming back home to plan the next day, have some rest and get ready to start a new day with a different bunch of stuff to do, not an easy thing but not boring at all either. Being on a production team or at least, studying any film or video related courses isn´t glamourous at all, its a matter of wearing practical, comfy and weather appropiate clothes. It´s also a mental challenge because, between other things you need to come up with many creative ideas.

Yesterday and today were the two days I assigned to shoot my music video and Oh boy! it was a bit of a challenge because even though I like the music genre that the band plays, I would´ve never imagined I was going to direct a video for them. Coming up with an idea was not the easiest at the beginning cause I was trying to come up with something that they wouldn´t reject at the time of presenting what I had to offer but with a little help I got the ideal story to develop. 

Finally today was the last day on shoot for my assignment, I was so relieved to get this done that I walk back home was needed to clear my mind from the past days tension. This is where the photographs that you see make sense. I found this dandelion on my way, if there is something that makes me feel that spring & its warmth has come are dandelions. Who didn´t blow at one and admired how the seeds dispersed dancing at the rhythm of the wind?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

April favourites

We are now on the second week of May and I would not like to miss the chance to recapitulate some of the things I loved during April.

I must say, I wasn´t a big fan of skirts or dresses, not until now. Skater skirts seem to be the best option for girls like me, when factor comfy is at the top of your sartorial priorities, this awesome skirts should be in every girl options list.


Skater skirts

Skater skirts

#2 Sophia Loren

When I think of the 60´s and all that glamourous list of actresses from that era, Sophia Loren comes to my mind almost immediately. A couple of weeks ago I read more about her life and also found this fantastic pictures taken by one of her best friends. Such a kind and natural side portrayed  in these two snaps. You can find more from this photographic collection here.

#3 Vanessa Paradis
Simply because she released a new single and her next album will be out very soon. If you are a fan of french pop you definitely give her music a try, she owns a very bohemian, sweet but powerful voice. Very enjoyable if you are on a chilled mood.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Today´s outfit

I´ve always preferred neutral colours and monochrome patterns when it comes to clothes and now that you are looking at this pictures you might be thinking the opposite, but its true, today I noticed how my wardrobe has change through the years; I remember when my mom used to say I always went for the sober colours. 

If we had a chance to take a look at my clothes 2 or 3 years ago we could´ve only seen plain white, black, sand or blue blouses and of course a wide collection of jeans. Now a days, I would go for patterned blouses, colourful shoes and from time to time trousers or dyed jeans. I guess my taste has changed when it comes to clothes and I haven´t realised it until now. Has this ever happened to you?

Outfit details:
Topshop cardigan
Pull & Bear sheer blouse
Pull & Bear jeans
Atmosphere  shoes

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Bling Ring

I must thank Making Magique for sharing this trailer on one of her posts. As a girl who declares herself a fan of Sofia Coppola I was a bit disapointed of not knowing about this before, The Bling Ring is a film based on a set of real events that happend on the glamorous suburbs of California. 

With Emma Watson as part of the cast my already existing interest great even more simply because a film starring Emma directed by Sofia is one of the most lucid combinations. Yet again, another screenplay where Sofia Coppola portrays cool teenagers in decay. Another addition to my summer films watch list!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Americano-moka coffee.

Today I´ve been organising my music blog, it can be a bit difficult to mange two blogs at the same time but at the end its worth it cause I get to listen to a lot of new music and also,  I get to write and share things with you! Is in days like this is when I drink coffee, there´s nothing better than drinking a nice cup while sitting on the desk writing; words flow faster and ideas come easier to the mind. I love my coffee on a particular way, I call it Americano-moka and I discovered it last year, after Christmas while I was working on a coffee shop.

 I had so many chocolates that people gave me as a present and they were so many that I knew they would do me no good if I ate them all so I started giving them away almost every day to everybody including my workmates at that coffee place. My good friend, one of the baristas, asked me if I wanted my coffee on a different day (I was addicted to coffee as well, who wouldn´t be working on a coffe shop!), he used the tiny bar of chocolate that I brought to melt it with some vapour from the coffee machine and then made a regular coffee. 

The result was a way stronger coffee with a hint of sweet cream from the chocolate, really recommendable although, only for coffee drinkers!

Of course attempted to make it at home and its quite easy, just crush some chocolate, I used a bit of chocolate from my easter eggs, and mix it with your coffee, I have instant coffee here. Make sure the water is super warm so the chocolate can melt easier and then add a bit of milk and some sugar if you are extremely sweet!